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Grower Supplies Team

Joe Bonanno
Supplies Manager
1-800-345-3787, ext. 125
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Ricardo Campos
Manager LED Solutions
FAX:(831) 420-8295

Paula Ricci
Customer Service
1-800-345-3787, ext. 144
FAX: (914) 698-0848

LED Lighting

LED Toplighting


Philips LED Toplighting
Energy-efficient supplemental LED lighting solution. Spectral options of LEDs support stronger root development and faster growth.LED Flowering Lamnp



Philips LED Flowering Lamp
Efficient alternative to HPS for day length extension. Reduces energy costs and fits standard fixture base.

LED Interlighting


Philips LED Interlighting
Bi-directional LED lighting that directs energy at lower stems of high-wire crops to fuel and stimulate optimal growth.


LED Production Module


Philips LED Production Module
LED lighting for multi-layer cultivation in environments with little or no daylight. Can be used for tissue culture and seedlings of ornamental and edible crops.

Ready to benefit from LEDs? Speak with your Fred Gloeckner representative or contact Ricardo Campos, LED Sales Manager, 760-707-7065.

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