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Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Lily Pot Plant Varieties

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The following tables have been put together with the intention of allowing the grower to review key cultural traits of Hybrid Lily Varieties utilized in pot plant production. By comparing variety to variety the grower can evaluate variety performance by size during the year which has been segregated into three planting periods .

Variety performance as noted within these tables are met for guideline purposes only. Each greenhouse depending upon location and growing conditions may experience variations. However, the data is relative, and if your results are plus or minus of what we report here, your over all results will still be valid as you adjust them plus or minus to what we report. As an example: We state that Butter Pixie 12/14 potted in January will be 15" tall without any growth regulator, take 13 weeks to force, and will have 4-6 flowers. If you find that Butter Pixie 12/14 potted in January in your Greenhouse takes 14 weeks and is 18" tall, then you can figure other varieties will be slower and a little bit taller than we report.

The calendar year has been divided into three Planting Periods. If a variety has an x in the column, this means that the variety is suggested for planting during this time period. It does not mean that this is the optimum planting period for the variety, it means the variety will perform planted during this time period without cultural problems.

Hybrid Lily Bulbs can be forced the entire year, the key to success in any year round program (or seasonal program for that mater) is variety, and bulb size selection. Using our Comparative Analysis Tables is a good place to start. However, it is important to talk with you GLOECKNER representative to help in fine tuning variety selection.

Schedules and Cultural Information are available upon request.



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