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Young Plants &
Plugs Team

Sandy Raupp
Young Plant Dept. Manager
Spring Liners
1-800-345-3787, ext. 119
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Kelly Meringolo
Geraniums, Spring Liners,
Unrooted Cuttings
1-800-345-3787, ext. 146
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Kim Sato
Poinsettias and Mums
1-800-345-3787, ext. 141
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Maggie Gianquinto
Spring Liners
1-800-345-3787, ext. 132
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Roseanne Zerafa
Plug Dept. Manager
1-800-345-3787, ext. 155
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Dave Dowling
Cut Flower Specialist
FAX: (973) 940-2839

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plants & plugsYoung Plants & Plugs Overview

AZALEAS - Florists Quality West Coast material. Keepsake Plants™ (formerly Yoder brand) Dormant, Ready to Force, and Finished Azaleas.

COOL GROWING CROPS - Anemones, Cineraria, Cyclamen, Primula, Pansies, and Ranunculus are available in seed, corm, plug and pre-finished stages.

CUT FLOWER CROPS - A Gloeckner specialty. Seeds, plugs, cuttings and liners for many popular items. Alstroemeria from Royal Van Zanten. New items such as Gerberas, Karma Dahlias®, Limoniums, Delphiniums and Gypsophilia from tissue cultured stocks. Color brochures are available on most items along with cultural instructions.

FOLIAGE - Quality grown container foliage from Florida, as well as unrooted cuttings and liners for dish garden use. Hanging basket starter plants, such as Zygocactus, Gardenias, Tradewinds Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Mandevilla, etc. along with Tissue Culture Fern liners.

GERANIUMS - Zonal and Ivy Geranium cuttings, unrooted, callused and rooted, from leading specialist propagators/breeders such as Dummen, Ecke Geraniums, Fides, Selecta (rooted only), and Syngenta. Seedling plugs and pre-finished are also available.

GREEN LEAF PLANTS (formerly Yoder) – Keepsake Azaleas™, Exacum, Gloxinia, Hibiscus, Mandevilla, Perennials (rooted and unrooted), Poinsettias, and Roses. We provide complete scheduling and growing guidelines for many of these crops, which are produced by one of the world's foremost companies in breeding and production.

PERENNIALS & ROSES - Bare root perennial divisions from U.S. and European sources. Seed and vegetatively produced vernalized perennial liners. Bare root roses for the garden trade and miniature rose selections for pot forcing. Potted and bare root ornamental grasses.

PLUGS - Annual and Perennial plugs in various sizes from national and regional plug specialists. Special and exclusive plugs such as the Start-Rite program and novelty cut flower plugs.

POINSETTIAS – Unrooted, callused and rooted cuttings from leading propagators/breeders such as Dummen, Ecke, Selecta (rooted only) and Syngenta. Current availabilities to meet any spot requirement during the shipping season.

POT PLANT CROPS – An extensive offering of young plant materials for the production of the following crops plus many more: Royal Van Zanten Princess Lilies and Celosia Dark Caracas, Carnations, Dahlias, Exacum, Gerberas, Hiemalis Begonias, Hydrangeas, Kalanchoes, Lisianthus, Violets, MultiBells Gloxinia and Kangaroo Paws.

SYNGENTA FLOWERS – We offer their entire line including Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens, Poinsettias, and vegetative annuals, as well as Yoder Asters and Chrysanthemums.

UNROOTED CUTTINGS - Available from U.S., Central American and Israeli sources in most vegetative lines at competitive prices.

VEGETATIVE ANNUALS - The most popular vegetative series for mixed containers, hanging baskets, and landscape use propagated by Danziger, Dummen, Fides, Flower Fields, Goldfisch, Hort Couture, Kientzler, Proven Winners, Selecta, and Suntory. Bacopa, Calibrachoa, Coleus, Fuchsias, Herbs, Lantanas, New Guinea Impatiens, Scaevola, SunPatiens, Trailing Petunias, Verbena and the entire spectrum of liners for spring, pot and basket production.


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