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Young Plants &
Plugs Team

Sandy Raupp
Young Plant Dept. Manager
Spring Liners
1-800-345-3787, ext. 119
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Kelly Meringolo
Geraniums, Spring Liners,
Unrooted Cuttings
1-800-345-3787, ext. 146
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Kim Sato
Poinsettias and Mums
1-800-345-3787, ext. 141
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Maggie Gianquinto
Spring Liners
1-800-345-3787, ext. 132
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Roseanne Zerafa
Plug Dept. Manager
1-800-345-3787, ext. 155
FAX: (914) 698-0848

Dave Dowling
Cut Flower Specialist
FAX: (973) 940-2839

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Hort Couture Plants - Plants. Partners, Progress

Presenting the Hort Couture® line of products…

What is Hort Couture?

Hort Couture was founded with one goal in mind: Bring the best and most unique genetics on the market today to the Independent Garden Center and keep them there. Period.

The original concept that started over 5 years ago has culminated into a full on movement that involves businesses in every aspect of the ornamental industry. From independent breeders, independent brokers, independent growers, independent garden centers to independent trialing facilities, there is one common theme throughout. Rest assured this program is operated by people that have your same goals in mind will strive to make these a reality. Hort Couture is much more than just another brand of plants; it’s a statement by the independent channels that they want the quality genetics where they belong, in the IGC.

What’s in it for me?

So what exactly does Hort Couture offer you? We bring you top of the line genetics for spring annuals, fall annuals, grasses and tropical plants. Whether you’re a small retailer or a wholesale grower, we have the product form that you need. From unrooted cuttings, to rooted liners, to finished plant material, we have it all.

With Hort Couture you can make displays like these…

Hort Couture displays
Using truly unique plants like these…
Hort Couture unique plants

hort couture resultsIt means nothing if they don’t work for the end consumer, but we’ll let these results speak for themselves…

Contact us today for more information on how you can join the movement and become a part of Hort Couture!

Contact us for additional information including programs, pricing and POP materials at


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