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Ademas de los otros Departamentos en las oficinas principales en Nueva York, tenemos distribuidores en diferentes paises que le asistiran con sus ordenes y responderan cualquier pregunta que tuviera.

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Fred C Gloeckner & Co. Inc.
Monica Alvarez
550 Mamaroneck Avenue
Harrison, NY 10528
(001) 914- 698-2300 Ext. 133

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Gloeckner - Colombia
Calle 8 # 4-08, Piso 2
Cota, Colombia 250010
Office: 031-8-764475

Lix Villarraga

Cell: 314-4507682

Gustavo Ochoa

Cell: 311-5-222671

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Gloeckner – Ecuador
Av. Republica 396 y Almagro
Edificio Forum 300 Piso 9
Quito, Ecuador

Carlos Martinez

Cell: 99-301980

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Viver 23TC Plas+
Ruta 5 Nueva km21
Las Piedras Canelos

Martin Salaberry


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German Tencio
Importacion de semillas, bulbos,
esquejes y suministros de invernadero
El Guarco
Cartago, Costa Rico

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Floraplant S.V. DE C.V.
Ave. Benito Juarez s/n
Colonia Tetacalita, Emiliano Zapata
More, Mexico CP 62767
Office: 777-3620152

Gilberto Gómez Peltier

Floreska Villa Guerrero
5 de Mayo #19-Colonia Centro
Villa Guerrero - Edo de México
Office: +1714 1462166
Cell: +17229061236
Ana Paula Puebla


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Standard Procedures for Processing
an International Order

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Once a request is received in this office, directly from a customer or through our Sales Representatives or Distributors, we proceed as follows:

1. A Proforma/Invoice is issued with prices FOB port of embarkation or C&F port of entry. It is only a Quote, it does not confirm or initiate a shipment.

2. A Proforma/Invoice is an active order when it is approved by sending us a written authorization, preferably a signed copy of the same Proforma.

Foreign shipments often require special packing, handling and document preparation.

  • IMPORT RESTRICTIONS: The buyer must first consultant with the authorities of the importing country and then advise Fred C. Gloeckner & Co. Inc. of all applicable importation restrictions, pre- export inspections, fungicidal treatment or fumigation requirements, and special documentation needed to import our products into their country. Fred C. Gloeckner & Co. Inc. will endeavor to comply with our customer’s request for assistance in meeting the regulations of the importing country. However, the responsibility in all matters related to such regulations is ultimately with the buyer and we assume absolutely no liability whatsoever.
  • IMPORT PERMIT: Many countries require an import permit to import seeds, plants or bulbs. Please send us a copy of your import at least two weeks prior to the expected shipping date. If we do not receive your import permit prior to dispatch, we will assume none is required.
  • PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE: We will provide a Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) issued by the proper authority in the United States. The buyer will be charged for our costs in obtaining the inspection and issuance of the PC. Fred C. Gloeckner & Co. Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability in connection with the issuing authority’s errors or omissions in the inspections or preparation of the PC.
  • DISINFESTATION OR DISINFECTION: Pre-export chemical treatment will be provided by a licensed pesticide applicator at our cost, at the request of the buyer. The buyer assumes all responsibility for loss, damages or liability of any kind as the result of requested treatments, or for treatments by the authorities of the importing country.
  • EXPORT DOCUMENTS: The following charges are for the account of the buyer when requested by the buyer or required by the importing country:
    Phytosanitary Certificate: $70.00 (maximum)
    Certificate of Origin $20.00
    Any Free Trade Agreement Certificate $25.00
    Certificate Non Tran genetic Certificate $25.00 (seeds only)
  • SHIPPING: All shipping costs are paid by the buyer unless we specifically quote prices C&F or CIF. Shipments to countries other than Canada should travel by air. For large consignments we recommend that we use our established air freight forwarders from whom we constantly renegotiate the lowest possible rates. Air shipments are normally dispatched from New York, Miami, or Portland airports. We recommend sending small orders to most countries by courier FedEx or UPS to avoid excessive handling charges by air carriers.
  • EXPORT PACKING: We will use the material and method of packing we judge best unless given specific instructions by the buyer. We normally pack in heavy fiber cartons or drums or woven poly bags suitable for long distance travel. However, in spite of all the precautions, shipments may still sustain damage in transit and the buyer is urged to immediately inspect the goods.
  • INSURANCE: We can provide insurance for loss or damage in transit if the buyer so requests. The cost of the insurance will be paid by the buyer to settle. If the goods are not insured, they travel at the risk of the buyer.
  • CUSTOMS AND QUARANTINE CLEARANCE: It is the responsibility of the buyer to handle the clearance of the goods through their country’s customs and agriculture quarantine or inspection service. Fred C. Gloeckner & Co. Inc. simply is not in a position to assist or participate in such matters and therefore accepts no responsibility or liability in connection therewith.
  • PAYMENT: Advance payment is required in all cases except for open accounts established and in good standing in Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Dominican Republic. Commercial drafts from established firms should be drawn on a United States bank. For all others, we will accept payments by Credit Card, Bank to Bank wire transfers or by Certified Bank Check. All banking charges are for the account of the buyer.

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