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Bulb Team

Jeffrey den Breejen
Flower Bulb Program Manager
FAX: (973) 940-2839

Kim Spadora
Purchasing & Marketing
FAX: (973) 940-2839

Dave Dowling
Cut Flower Specialist
FAX: (973) 940-2839

Becky Scheider
New Jersey
Customer Service & Sales
FAX: (973) 940-2839

Beth Ginther
Customer Service & Sales
Service & Sales
FAX: (503) 655-0979

Ray Bryan
Oregon Assistant Manager,
Flower Bulb Division
FAX: (503) 655-0979

Erwin Wortel
Purchasing & Logistics
Manager, Gloeckner Holland

For extensive flower bulb research information, please visit:

Cornell University Flower Bulb Research Program



Bulb Division

The sale of bulbs is part of the very fabric of the Gloeckner Company, continuing from the "early days" when Fred Gloeckner traveled to California and encouraged bulb producers to increase production for national distribution. There are many bulb crops today, including Easter Lilies, for which the Gloeckner Co. is the industry leader -- not only in distribution, but also in the research and development that has resulted in improved storage/treatment techniques and greenhouse production methodologies. Other exciting offerings include Oriental and Asiatic Hybrids, as well as Easter Lilies, both Dry Sale and Forcing bulbs, Programmed Iris, Caladiums, Cannas, Callas, Gladiolus, Oxalis, "La Belle" Ranunculus, Anemone and other corms and rhizomes for cut flower and pot plant production, and comprehensive Dutch Bulb forcing programs. By having a market presence in all three phases where flower bulbs are commonly used (cut flower, potted plants and garden use), our product managers often find innovative applications for bulbs outside the normal, everyday commercial practices, that has resulted in numerous market successes for growers and forcers.

Gloeckner's staff includes several West Coast specialists, including our West Coast Flower bulb sales and marketing manager, Ron Beck. His 35+ years of following the Hybrid Lily and specialty bulb markets has resulted in his reputation for spotting the newest and best performing varieties from the world's best breeders. Our bulb crops specialists work closely with Dutch and US Iris sources and travel extensively at home and abroad staying in contact with current market forces affecting bulb crops. The expertise of the Gloeckner field representatives can save the customer much lost time and revenue by shortening the time necessary to get up to speed on new crops, varieties and cultural practices.

Gloeckner has long relationships with many reputable Dutch bulb producers who visit our customers here in the US to see first hand the crop in process. This hands on approach allows the producer and the end user to gather any and all useful information which will improve the overall result for both parties.

Facilities in Clackamas, Oregon

The Gloeckner Co. realizes that bulb crops require specific conditions for treatment and storage prior to delivery to customers for planting. Commercial storages or converted refrigeration rooms from other produce crops simply will not provide the exacting temperature, humidity, and air circulation specifications. Only when these conditions are monitored and controlled can a sales organization provide the product with confidence to the bulb forcer.

In 1997, the Gloeckner Co. answered this need by building a state-of-the-art treatment facility in the Portland area. Ron Beck and Steve Dautoff compiled the best and most current information on proper storage and treatment possibilities from the world's largest bulb companies to design and configure our current facility. In separate treatment rooms, bulbs can he held at the exact temperature and humidity required for each crop. Whether it be a heat and humidity treatment for Iris, or exact freezing temperatures and humidity for long term storage of Hybrid Lilies, the Gloeckner Co. can provide the proper environment.

Along with the treatment facility, the company employs a staff of trained personnel to manage the inventory, monitor the movement and treatment of the stock through the process and most importantly, to arrange proper and timely shipping of the materials throughout the country.

Weekly Programs for customers our specialty

Another driving force in the establishment of the Clackamas facility is to have the ability to ship weekly to customers, thereby providing material that has been stored to exact specifications. The customer is then able to plant the crop on his/her schedule and eliminate the worry of proper storage issues, not to mention the use of their coolers for other crops including the finished product. Our product managers also receive excellent feedback from these weekly programs, which allow for some fine-tuning of the variety mix for the benefit of the customer.


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